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Business Application Consultations

The time has come to update your business for the present and future through our business application consultations and programs.

 A full-scale business application evaluation guarantees that a company’s infrastructure can thrive for years to come. John Adams IT’s expert consultants have a reputation for putting the right frameworks in place. These frameworks assist business applications regarding factors, such as CRM, eCommerce platforms, ERP, various tools, and many more application suites.


With John Adams IT on your side, you’ll be able to make positive digital transformations that take your business to new heights.


Having the right strategies in place involves taking part in the proper evaluations—and that’s what John Adams IT is here to help you do. Our team will assist your organization in maintaining relevance as your marketplace continues to evolve. Many company executives make the mistake of fearing change. But with our team on your side, you will soon realize that business application changes are for the best. We make sure that every client’s employees have the best tools and the most efficient operations.


 John Adams IT’s Business Application Consulting Methods 

Our team intends to do more than understand your organization’s current processes. We will go the extra mile to realize what your goals and expectations are. The team will then use what they have learned to develop a bulletproof strategy. Our consulting methods feature: 

  • -In-depth evaluations of our client’s bottlenecks and current status.

  • -Recognition of the unique organizational structure.

  • -Cross-functional alignment of company strategies.

  • -Full-scale leadership support.

  • -Full-scale change management support.

  • -BPR: business process re-engineering.

Determining the most efficient business application method for each client is one of our main priorities.

That is why our team decides if each client requires BPR. It appears that, we pride ourselves on our BPR consultation abilities. These abilities apply to bottom-up value stream mapping and top-down value chain mapping. These two forms of mapping enable our clients to use winning business practices at all times.


 Our unique BPR methods help companies correlate their strategy-centric goals to their team’s capabilities. 


We also go out of our way to ensure that each client’s digital strategies get optimized for specific business strategies. We even help our clients with both short-term and long-term financial planning.


Your company, like any other organization, has specific drivers that lead to improvement.

It’s the mission of Jon Adams IT to identify what those drivers are to improve your business application processes. We are more than a business application consulting partner. We are masters of delivering strong returns to companies of all shapes and sizes. That’s why we go out of the way to identify the best vendors and partners that benefit each of our clients.


 Why Choose John Adams IT?


John Adams IT employs advisory and strategy leaders with decades of tier-1 consulting experience. They have worked with clients from every industry on the planet. They know how to intersect a company’s marketplace with the right amount of business discipline.

We care about more than IT transformations. We are passionate about complete, full-scale business transformations.

Our transformation abilities serve as the foundation that  business sector can be structured around. The business application consulting services that we provide do more than improve systems.

They strengthen a company’s entire business operations.