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How Managed IT Services Benefit Healthcare Organizations



The healthcare industry is continuing to see continued growth every year. How does that growth apply to IT? It means that using stand-alone EHRs to keep track of data is becoming more and more complicated. Rigid legacy and siloed systems are more fragmented than ever before. They must be monitored, controlled, and supported in order to drive value. Not only must a healthcare organization maintain HIPAA compliance, but they also have to manage and prevent all types of risks.



Why Go With John Adams IT for Healthcare IT Services?



Clients from all sectors of the healthcare industry depend on John Adams IT. Our diverse range of clients include:

  • -medical centers of all sizes
  • -small to large hospitals
  • -full-service hospitals
  • -individual doctors
  • -blood and tissue processing firms
  • -clinics in multiple locations


Our firm provides IT services to the healthcare clients listed above. These services feature migrations, system integrations, strategic planning, and much more. All of our IT services will save your staff plenty of time so that they can focus on their job responsibilities and patients’ needs.



We Help Healthcare Companies Maintain Self-Service Capabilities



Our team understands that both regulations and patient expectations are changing by the day. This has led many of our healthcare clients to implement digital-first participation that improves patient experiences. That’s why John Adams IT offers a complete range of programs that boost the self-services of all healthcare organizations. Many of our clients used to make one crucial mistake.


They assumed that IT services served as nothing more than basic support functions. Fortunately, they now realize that successful IT processes are the foundation for long-term prosperity in the healthcare industry. Our mission is to improve the digital experience for both our clients’ staff and patients. This applies to digital billing, self-diagnosis, teleheath, home check-ins, and all other crucial factors.



We Are Your Connected Healthcare Experts



Patient involvement in healthcare has increased in recent years. This means that your organization is in need of state-of-the-art health tools that can improve each patient’s experience. With John Adams IT on your side, your resources will always be maximized as you leverage the best-connected healthcare possible. Our firm prides itself on using a low-risk, cost-effective model to enable healthcare providers of all shapes and sizes. The John Adams IT staff knows how to recognize the key areas of connected health so that the patient experience is always first-rate. This applies to factors such as mobile apps, monitoring tools, wearable tech, and all other IT tools.



Your Patient’s Data Is in Safe Hands With Us



The staff of John Adams IT recognizes the importance of managing patient data with care. After all, a patient’s data can be stored on various files, applications, siloed EMRs, and legacy systems. This is why managing incoming data from multiple sources can be a huge challenge for many healthcare organizations. But you don’t have to struggle any longer. John Adams IT uses advanced analysis and processing techniques to assist organizations with their patent data management. We will consolidate all of your data in a fast and simple manner so that your staff can focus on other tasks. Our team will help your organization create a data-driven culture that revolves around positive outcomes.



John Adams IT Also Provides:


  • -A consumption-based pricing model for all of our end-to-end IT assistance.
  • -ROI-driving tactics so you don’t have to depend on large capital investments.
  • -Help Desks across many cities in the United States.
  • -Custom-designed SLAs that will connect to all of your organization’s unique goals.
  • -24/7 support for all IT-related issues.
  • -24/7 security response and systems monitoring.
  • -Unparalleled consulting services designed to improve infrastructure.
  • -Premium assistance with launching and relaunching.
  • -State-of-the-art cybersecurity initiatives that go the extra mile to prevent and address threats.
  • -Advanced server and application support.
  • -Technology solutions that are 100% HIPAA-compliant.
  • -State-of-the-art communication services.
  • -Help with trouble ticket processing.
  • -High-quality disaster recovery platforms.
  • -Full-scale assessments of IT processes, performance indicators, and infrastructure.