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We Believe Change is coming, and we’re here to help

John Adams is a full-service technology leader, and we are with you from day one. When you implement any new technology or embark on a brand new full-scale technology road map, you are doing so with a trusted partner. It’s the John Adams partnership that comes with every engagement. We believe it’s our people who make the difference. Anyone can offer you technology services, whether it be providing anything from an IT assessment or gap analysis, to an infrastructure design including full-scale technology road mapping. Our people work hand in hand with every client; you will have key individuals assigned to your projects from beginning to end. That’s the John Adams IT single point of contact promise.

Why the name “John Adams?” Adams was a revolutionary with a vision toward the future of America. When George Washington was unanimously elected as the first President of the United States, the Vice-President was also elected separately by the people. They wanted someone who had the vision to carry the country through inevitable transitions; someone who understood what founding a country would require over the long haul. So, John Adams was elected as America’s first Vice-President; and eight years later, Adams was himself elected President. Like John Adams IT, the man was dedicated to a lifetime of service.

(877) 925-4777

Innovation to Improve Service and Drive Down Costs – At John Adams’ core is the understanding that technological change is accelerating and we are not certain of what lies ahead, which requires that we must innovate to both ensure readiness for change, and to make change happen. John Adams’ vision is simple. It is not only to ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness but to help our customers transform into a center of information technology excellence and thought leadership. This is accomplished through an ongoing process of identifying opportunities for innovation in technology and business process and discussing these with client IT leadership on a regular basis.

Delivering The High Performance Your Business Demands – John Adams provides a unique complete IT management solution for IT intensive data services companies. By focusing on organizations that have demanding IT requirements, John Adams has developed the ability to manage and deliver IT services for those companies that require the most from their systems. These companies demand high function, performance, reliability, and security and their businesses depend on it.


Managed IT Services Thats Getting Results


John Adams IT prides itself on providing full-scale managed IT services. Our team’s mission is to always deliver the most comprehensive technology processes. We do so for small, medium, and large-sized companies. In fact, there’s not a company in the United States that can’t benefit from our IT services. All it takes is one look at our proven service portfolio for you to understand why. Our unique managed IT approach has led us to meet the varying needs of customers. We provide both implementation services and hosted IT solutions. IMMS can even conduct complete outsourcing for your technology department. Our high-quality managed IT services speak for themselves. They’ve positioned us to provide every customer with winning IT results. If you’re in need of a worry-free remote IT department, you’re in the right spot. Our seamless managed services can lower your IT costs. Plus, they can make your technology secure and more productive. You will gain peace knowing that our managed IT services can protect your company long-term.