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Network Infrastructure Service

The Importance of Network Infrastructure & Network Devices



Networks matter more than many people realize. They serve as both the heart and soul of companies. But networks cannot function on their own. They need support that’s carried out in the correct manner. That support’s known as network infrastructure. Are you not familiar with it? That’s all right. You will be after reading this article.


Your business can have the best employees on the planet. But it needs to have a tight network infrastructure. Otherwise, both the company’s input and output may suffer. Common symptoms of having poor infrastructure include security problems and bad user experiences. A bad infrastructure can also lead to losses in profits and ROI. This is why you must get educated about basic network infrastructure concepts. There’s too much at stake for both your company and career. Learning about infrastructure will not only show you business challenges that lie ahead. You will be able to infer new opportunities that can take your organization to the next level. Are you ready? Let’s get started.


Steps to Secure a Network Infrastructure
We can include routers, firewalls, switches, servers, load-balancers, intrusion detection systems, domain name systems, and storage area networks


What Does Network Infrastructure Mean?



Network infrastructure refers to each separate resource in a company’s entire network. Resources include each piece of hardware and every piece of software. The resources can also point to every system and each network device.

Network infrastructure is one of the key resources that keep your business running. Here is an example. Network devices help ensure that your employees stay connected to the internet. They do so while allowing management to oversee operations. Network devices also position upper management to control business operations.


Plus, devices ensure that incoming and outgoing communication stays at a peak level. Speaking of communication, a strong network infrastructure ensures that your employees can communicate well. Network devises position workers to communicate throughout every business process. They can also do so through any company’s required applications and services. This goes to show that network devices are what makes secure computing possible.



What Are the Components of a Network Infrastructure?



The quality of network infrastructure comes down to what components/devices get used. So, what are network infrastructure devices? They themselves get classified as components within a network. The components transport all forms of communication. That communication applies to applications, data, and services. It can also apply to many multi-media operations. Here are the most popular network devices. They are firewalls, routers, servers, and switches. But other network components/devices are also important. These include domain name systems and load-balancers. Even an intrusion detection system counts as a network component. Storage area units are yet another key example of network devices.



What Are the Three Most Common Types of Network Infrastructures?



Network infrastructure refers to three different categories that relate to network components. There are devicesservices, and media. All three play a role in ensuring that a network maintains its infrastructure. Think about the concept of sending a message from one device to another device. The message must go from its source to a remote destination. Sometimes this network infrastructure process is simple. A single cable could connect a computer to a second computer. This makes the transmission of the message a simple process. But say you’re sending a message across the globe. This means that your network has to take part in complex infrastructure processes. Otherwise, the person on the other side of the earth won’t ever receive your message. But say that you have the right network infrastructure. This means that all internet traffic can flow without problems.



Why is Network Infrastructure Important?



As technology evolves, network infrastructure becomes more and more important. That’s because most modern businesses rely on a network to function on a consistent basis. Otherwise, a company is using an unreliable network. When a network is unreliable, business operations have to shut down. This means that a company is going to lose money as long as the network experiences issues. But there’s a long term solution to this problem. Companies have the power to make their network infrastructures secure. They can do so on their own or through a third-party service like our own. There are many benefits for having a secure network infrastructure. For one, downtime gets minimized. This means that workers can remain productive every single day.



Do “IT Infrastructure” and “Network Infrastructure” Mean the Same Thing?



Are you expecting a “yes” or “no” answer? If so, you’re going to feel disappointed. That’s because there isn’t a simple answer to this question. IT infrastructure and network infrastructure are similar concepts. Sometimes the terms refer to the same thing and sometimes they do not. There are minor differences that separate these two terms. Let’s go over IT infrastructure below.



What Is IT Infrastructure?



What is IT? It stands for information technology. Most experts consider this type of infrastructure to be bigger than network infrastructure. In other words, more tech-related criteria encompass IT infrastructure. Every important element in an IT room is part of this particular infrastructure. An IT service cannot function unless its infrastructure meets high quality standards. IT infrastructure often refers to the hardware that a company uses. Hardware is a series of physical components. This is where the IT infrastructure and network infrastructure differ the most. This is because network infrastructure only applies to non-physical technology factors. But keep in mind that IT infrastructure does not always refer to physical components. It can sometimes refer to components relating to either software or a network.


Let’s now discuss network infrastructure. The concept of network infrastructure is not as broad as that of IT infrastructure. It fits within the larger definition of IT infrastructure. Having a well-run network infrastructure ensures the success of the larger IT infrastructure. Businesses will be unsuccessful unless the IT and network infrastructure are running well. If they are, your company is more likely to experience long-term success.



What is the Most Important Factor of IT Infrastructure? Is it Security?



Network infrastructure is what keeps a company’s IT infrastructure up and running. That is why it is the heart and soul of most companies. Sure, it is very important to work with intelligent staff members. And it’s also important to have a well-running IT infrastructure. But neither of which is enough to lead your company toward long-term prosperity. Each of those factors depends on having a great network infrastructure. Why? Because a network infrastructure encourages two key concepts. And both of which begin with a “C.” Communication and connection. They are both necessary for companies in all industries to be successful.   Say a company does not have a solid network infrastructure. This means that important components such as software and hardware cannot function well. This is why you and your team must work hard to improve and maintain your network infrastructure. Otherwise, you risk having company operations fail to live up to your expectations.



The Centralized Traffic of Network Infrastructure



Maintaining a solid network infrastructure on a regular basis is no easy task. There are always going to be obstacles that threaten how well your network can function. Let’s go over the three main obstacles that affect companies of all industries. The first one involves having to centralize traffic. Every company has many different locations, subnets, and sites. This means that every organization should feature a central hub with routine monitoring. Also, management has to get organized for network infrastructure to have success. Any visible network is prone to cybersecurity concerns. And management must lead the way but putting quality processes in place.


Let’s discuss the central hub a little more. The central hub is what keeps the other factors organized and running. This is why discovering new network infrastructure solutions is so important. The solutions will ensure traffic always stays centralized. This will help your team track the data that travels across your company’s networks. Doing so helps your IT workers focus on keeping everything secure. They can also have the ability to stay on top of all performance issues. Remember- networks cannot protect themselves on their own. Networks need layer after layer of security solutions.



How Duplicate Data Affects Network Infrastructure & Bandwidth



Let’s now discuss duplicate data. Having duplicate data is more than only a hassle. It can also be a major security issue. Many companies get shocked when they realize how much duplicate data they have. It can sometimes take up over 65% of an organization’s network traffic. Getting rid of duplicate data is something that your team should not procrastinate. It needs to get taken care of as soon as possible. There is too much at stake when it comes to the security of your network.

Say your company’s security solutions already have lots of duplicate data. This means security measures will get slowed down. Why does this matter so much? Because your IT team may struggle to detect the traffic of security threats. The last thing you want is your organization’s private information getting compromised. Plus, you don’t want to waste bandwidth. Wasting bandwidth can cost your company thousands of dollars in losses. And that’s an extra layer of trouble that no company wants to find a way to support.



Using Tools to Ensure Network Infrastructure Has the Correct Data & Security



Ensuring that each IT tool receives the correct data is important. This is extra important when it comes to network infrastructure. Most companies take advantage of a variety of both providers and cyber-security tools. This is not a cheap process. Your average security provider is going to charge you a decent chunk of change. The cost depends on the amount of data that the providers have to process. This is why making sure the important tools receive the correct data is so important. In fact, it is one of the most crucial concepts when it comes to infrastructure networking.

Many companies make the mistake of sending their data from a large variety of sources. That diverse data can sometimes all flow toward the same tool. This is more than only ineffective for your company or a partner. It can waste businesses a lot of time and money. That is why your IT team must do their research. They need to be aware of what types of data work best for each tool. Every tool has its own data preferences that your IT workers can discover. The key is for your IT department to have great equipment. The equipment can detect (and prevent) cybersecurity threats.




Ensure That Your Network Infrastructure Devices (And Their Traffic) Are Secure



Network infrastructure devices are very important components. They transport the communications of services, data, and applications. For example- routers, servers, and firewalls are all network infrastructure devices. They are the target for malicious cyber hackers across the world. Why? Because so much customer/organization traffic flows through them. Attackers are always looking for creative ways to bring down network infrastructure. That’s why your company should ensure that all its devices are 100% secure. Otherwise, money or confidential information could get stolen in the blink of an eye. The key is to double-check that all your network infrastructure devices have encryption.


Also, put thought into who oversees the routing infrastructure of the network. That person controls all the data that exists within your network. He or she must have a lot of knowledge about how to make the network devices secure. Do you need help with maintaining the security of your devices? If so, our firm is ready to assist. Sure, we know how to check on routers, switches, and firewalls. But that’s not all. We can also take care of servers, domain name systems, and intrusion detection systems. Our team has even helped clients maintain their storage area networks for years. Keep in mind that one simple network device could make or break a company. That’s why your IT team should do routine checks on every device.



Your Cloud Can Affect Network Infrastructure Security



Did you know that the cloud of a company plays a role in network infrastructure security? That’s because network infrastructure devices guard against security threats. But those threats can take place if your cloud isn’t secure. That’s why it’s best to assess the data in your cloud on a regular basis. Plus, you’ve got to make sure your IT department has the right equipment to protect your cloud. Many people fail to realize that there’s always connectivity between a network and its cloud. Management should meet with its IT department on a regular basis to go over cloud solutions. The last thing you want is for your data to get exposed.


There are many support programs that can ensure a cloud stays protected. But the key is to use tools that maintain a stable network. This applies to cabling, network connectivity, network traffic, and many other factors. Once exposed layer in your cloud could result in its visibility to your competitors. Please contact our firm today if you’d like to learn more about cloud and network security. We can recommend equipment that will help ensure security.



Our Firm Can Improve Your Company’s Network Infrastructure



Our team of experts understands all concepts related to network infrastructure. They recognize that maintaining a well-run network infrastructure can seem overwhelming. This is why our firm specializes in advanced security and networking operations. We channel our decades of experience into the improvement of many diverse companies. We work with both startups and Fortune 500 organizations. Keep in mind that network infrastructures are more complicated than they used to be. This is due to networks combining cloud applications with on-premises factors.


Even on-premises networking can present a series of obstacles. Each obstacle can bog down the most efficient of companies. You risk losing more than your employees’ time. You risk losing revenue.   This firm prevents all our clients from experiencing negative issues related to networks. We also prevent inorganic mergers, acquisitions, and growth from taking place. These are what take place when network infrastructure is not living up to its potential.


One of the first steps we will take is to check out every tool in your IT department. Why will we do this? So we can streamline the network process and provide the right tool-connections. We’ve done this for Cisco, Gigamon, and many other companies. Doing so has a major benefit: security. In fact, John Adams IT is the leading voice of network security measures. We will make your network more secure in no time. Not to mention, our team will ensure that your network operates at peak performance. Not only for the short-term but for years to come.


We will create a better, more centralized hub for you and your staff. And having a strong network will boost the visibility of your content. It will also boost the visibility capabilities of your entire network. This will ensure that your tools are getting used to bring in the best quality traffic possible. We have the best tools, resources, and strategies in the entire technology industry. Give us a call right now to learn more. Our team can offer free advice about cyber-security protection processes. We look forward to improving the network infrastructure of your organization.