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IT Cost Optimization & Business Process Services

Our optimization services ensure that you and your team will always recognize which opportunities to use to your organization’s advantage.

John Adams IT provides custom consulting that will reduce your company’s technology cost while optimizing your business. Your company likely concentrates on sales when it comes to making money. Of course, sales are important to the success of any organization—but optimization is also crucial for long-term success. This is why our firm will help:

  • -streamline your business processes
  • -boost both the potential and output of your workers
  • -allocate technology costs toward resources with the best level of efficiency
  • -improve paper-centric practices
  • -improve manual practices


How John Adams IT Improves Every Client’s Business Process


Every John Adams IT staff member has significant experience taking their clients’ businesses to the next level. Our employees do not just provide insights. They provide the most valuable insights possible that can affect any specific industry. Combining their rich experience and vast knowledge has led to the successful optimization of hundreds of business and IT processes.

Our unique IT cost optimization process begins by recognizing the opportunities and strengths within each client’s company. Once we help you realize all potential opportunities, we will help you prepare for the future. Our team of experts will help you correct any inefficiencies that may be slowing down your daily operations. In essence, we convert inefficiency into maximized results.


How John Adams IT Assists With Optimizing IT Costs


The information technology consultants at John Adams IT have a reputation for going the extra mile. Here is just some of what you can expect from our IT optimization experts:

  • -spending analysis based on advanced tools
  • -spending analysis based on years of experience with companies from all industries
  • -detailed reviews of technology usage
  • -licensing contract research
  • -research of process-streamlining opportunities
  • -evaluation of current data capture scenarios
  • -workflow improvements
  • -consumption automation
  • -comprehensive approaches regarding all cost-related IT issues

Here is a recent example of our team, helping a company optimize its information technology costs. Our client was paying for a cloud-based service that ran 24/7. Our team quickly realized that dramatic cost-saving could take place. Why? Because this particular company was only open Monday through Friday for ten hours per day. This led to our team quickly reducing almost 3/4ths of the company’s cloud spending. As you can imagine, this saved our client thousands and thousands of dollars. And it happened almost overnight. This is an example of how each of our staff members knows how to spot IT cost-saving opportunities.

What is a company’s secret weapon when it comes to financing in-house, game-changing innovations? Cost optimization. One of John Adams IT goals is to provide each client with at least 10-25% long-term financial savings. And we have the right approaches to do so. Our digital disruption capabilities have no match.