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What Our Clients Are Saying

“The staff at John Adams IT understood that technology is the top value driver for my organization. Not only was their BI solution perfect, but their other initiatives were too. They stabilized our network, refreshed the laptops and desktops, and put the best-sized support model in place. What has this led to? My company’s revenue level is through the roof. Words cannot express how happy I am with the BI solution. My team is now driving better performance than I could have imagined. And it’s all thanks to the key data element processes and improved insights that John Adams IT created.”

-Sheila McWilliams, e-commerce executive in Los Angeles, CA

“One of the best business decisions I’ve ever made is partnering with John Adams IT. Where do I even start? I originally was looking for design improvements. But they’ve also boosted our maintenance, deployment, development, and so many other factors. Not to mention, our transport management system is now fully supported. I never would have thought such a powerful business relationship would be possible. John Adams IT’s management staff is beyond talented. They’ve chosen great resources, provided guidance, and ensured that our projects are free of road bumps. This has allowed our initiatives to never be stagnant and remain continuous. John Adams IT has more than the most advanced technology. They have the number one development processes and staff in the US.”

-Allen Brady, Founder/Owner at a logistics solutions provider in Irvine, CA

“What’s the best thing about partnering with John Adams IT? I would say it’s getting 24/7 access to a brilliant 3rd party voice. Despite my company’s success, I understand that sometimes my employees need outside help. And the staff at John Adams IT is beyond helpful. They’ve filled the void with so many actions that my team was struggling with. Their all-in-one services leave no tech-related stone unturned. If you need a one-stop-shop for information or technology assistance, look no further than John Adams IT.”

-George P. Johnson, CEO at a drop shipping company in Sacramento, CA

“My company’s custom accounting system was more than two decades old. Our team thought it would be a nightmare to get it updated. But thanks to John Adams IT’s help, it was more like a dream come true. The John Adams staff was able to put modern technology in place faster than we could have imagined. Now our company’s users can take care of requests on their own. Other third party IT firms have seemed to just go through the motions. But the workers at John Adams listened to our needs and made the effort to understand our business processes. They improved our business model in no time using the technology of Microsoft Dynamics. The John Adams IT staff does more than great work. They do something few firms do- they care about their clients.”

-Kyle Philips, Vice President of IT at a media company in Las Vegas, NV