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Business Technology Assessments

What is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to begin making positive changes in any company? All an organization must do is take part in a third-party technology assessment.


As you might have realized by now, business technology is becoming more complicated by the day. Your company needs a trusted third-party partner that can help you take your business to the next level. That partner can help you put the best business applications in place using pragmatic approaches.


The partner will visualize the future state, create a seamless business process, recognize essential business requirements, go over potential problem-solving mechanisms, and then put a well-informed solution in place. Who should that third-party partner be? John Adams IT.


John Adams IT’s Business Technology/Application Process


Our patented business technology/application methods focus on providing our clients with the most value possible. We do so by connecting each straight specific goals, information systems, and capabilities with the best technology solutions. This process revolves around the following four essential actions:


  1. Ensuring that every approach is adaptable and flexible.
  2. Keeping a strategic mindset at all times.
  3. Finding the best software solution for each client.
  4. Putting a winning solution in place after taking relevant criteria such as your processes, strategies, and staff members into account.


Every John Adams IT business technology assessment begins with understanding as much about our clients as possible. We seek to answer questions like these. “What is my client trying to achieve?” “How can the client’s business success be measured?” “How does this client define ‘success’?”

Why do we focus on open-ended questions like these? Because once we know where you want to go, we can work our magic to get you there fast.


John Adams IT staff members pride themselves on developing solutions maps. Maps are created once we understand what our client’s key needs are. But before they finalize, we cross-reference potential solutions using state-of-the-art software.


The next step is to present these potential solutions to the business stakeholders. Then, before you know it, a solution is determined.

Don’t put off having a business technology assessment. John Adams IT will use advanced implementation services to ensure that your company gets the results that it needs.