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Data Protection Evaluations

There’s no better time than now to prevent your company from experiencing a data attack.

Most companies assume that data breaches are always due to the activities of malicious hackers. But many IT studies have concluded that the majority of losses occur because of an employee conducting an unsuspected operation. Not to mention, data is always at risk due to routine system updates and natural disasters. In order to run a successful company, you have to know how to reduce the amount of data that gets lost. And that’s where our firm steps in.

Why Go With John Adams IT for Data Protection Evaluations?

The staff at John Adams IT prides itself on helping organizations prepare for all forms of IT risks. They are experts when it comes to data protection. Our full-scale evaluations will help your team realize gaps, put winning processes in place, and address potential risks before systems get compromised.

One of our main missions is to limit risk while putting the best possible operational conditions in place. We are ready to help your team with any type of unexpected interruption at any time. We know how to protect both a company’s data and design. Our patented strategies are formulated to boost an organization’s operations while reducing potential risks.

We have created and revised award-winning secure processes for years in order to recover and protect systems of all sorts.

No matter your company’s risk tolerance, your data is in safe hands with John Adams IT. Our team has spent years benefitting and protecting infrastructures of all shapes and sizes. The incident response programs and critical infrastructure planning operations of our firm have no match.

John Adams IT’s data protection plans take risk management to a new level that our competitors cannot match.

We often begin the protection process by analyzing the metrics of each clients’ RPO (recovery point objective). We also take their RTO (recovery time objective) into account. The RTO applies to applications, hardware and data. Our team then creates customized data recovery and business continuity plans. These ensure that every company we work with can overcome all types of obstacles.

John Adams IT’s Risk Evaluation Programs Feature:

-Baseline Evaluations:

These evaluations allow John Adams IT to assess your organization’s current data breach management methods. We then provide expert-level advice and roadmaps.

-Recognition of Critical Operations/Applications:

Our team will always go out of its way to communicate with important stakeholders. Why? So critical applications are always structured in a prioritized manner. This is important because each critical application is part of the foundation of a successful company.

-Outage Allowances: 

Your company has a specific level of need concerning certain operations and key systems. John Adams IT will recognize the complete time period that each system needs to stay inoperable once events conclude.

-RPO Tiers:

Other firms focus on basic restore/backup schedules. Not us. John Adams IT works with each client on a one-on-one basis to form a winning, multi-tiered approach. Each approach takes the need for availability, prioritization level, and impact standing into account.

-Business Impact Evaluations:

These are regarded as one of the crucial factors of IT risk management. John Adams IT’s experts work with business leaders to evaluate the business impact regarding many potential factors. We will let your team know how any type of service disruption will affect your organization.

-Strategic Leadership Training Sessions:

John Adams IT’s leadership sessions have received a great deal of praise in recent years. Some of that praise is due to the versatility of our programs. Clients can take part both in-person and online on a schedule that works best for them. Each training program will assist stakeholders in knowing how to conduct all essential processes. Their IT risk management skills will sharpen after only a few days of training. If your team members struggle with data protection, consider enrolling them in one of our strategic leadership training programs.